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SheNation is a Not for Profit organisation focused on equipping and empowering women to fully become who they are meant to be. SheNation was born out of a need to help females (women and girls) to maximize their potential.
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Shenation Training Event

ImpactShe Girl's Camp

14 - 15 August 2019.

CAVIC Hub, No 30 Agadez Crescent, Wuse II Abuja


Our vision is to raise a breed of women who are not afraid to explore all that they are and become it.


Our mission is to be the platform, the bridge and builders that women can use to spring forward and make positive impact.

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Shenation Women & Girls Dev. Initiative.
Naira Account: 0450182276
Dollar Account: 0450182290

Evangeline Dan-Yusuf

My name is Evangeline Oluwabukola Dan-Yusuf I am a psychologist by discipline currently specialising in Business and Organisational Psychology. I am an ardent supporter for youth development with a great care for the girl child. I serve as the strategy and country development coordinator with an organization for 9 years and counting that mentors, trains, and organizes projects that are focused on youth development called youth with a purpose initiative (www.ywap.org). I serve as a C-Suite executive, an internal consultant on Business psychology, Human resource development and employee joy and engagement of Fireworks creative solution (www.fireworks.com.ng). I run a consultancy outfit called CanonMark Consulting (www.canonmark.co). Our field involves thought leadership, trainings and consultations on organisational psychology, communication audits, employee joy and engagement etc. I also run a foundation called SheNation (www.shenation.ng), a support system and platform encouraging women and girls to become everything they can be and more. I am also a United States, Mandela Washington Fellow.

Gloria Gundiri Natina

Gloria Gundiri Natina studied mass communication, majored in Development Communication, she has passion for development and creativity, she started out by volunteering for various originations Marketer/Volunteer Recruitment officer/ training/ followup, Administrator, she enjoys working with young people, she developed this interest first when started working in teenage wing in her local church, this has led her to pursue and further her studies in Human Resource Management and Development, she also has interest to help youth improve in their place of interest, find their passion and direct it. Gloria believes in creativity and styles to which things can be done effectively. She is a qualified officer recruitment officer, trains and manages people and place. She has experience in event planning big or small and people management, worked with start-ups and established organisations. Gloria is a thinker, doer and a planner, loves to write and read in her leisure time. She is always learning and very observant. She wants to see the girl child in her society be free to go after what she dreams without anyone talking down on her. Gloria is the Project Coordinator of Shenation.ng

Grace Amoka

Grace Amoka is an Educational Technologist, with experience in designing and developing solutions to facilitate learning and improve performance for learners and instructors. She also specializes in organizing strategic edutainment programs which are essential in child development. Her background in Computer Engineering, Educational Technology and Entrepreneurship informs her design approach. Fueled by her passion to inspire, motivate and bring about real change in people and places, Grace enjoys working with business and social innovation start-ups. Always interested in a challenge, she considers herself a lifelong learner, committed to build on her foundations in management, Edtech and project management for improving workplace performance through continued academic work.
Grace believes balance is key to work satisfaction, service quality, productivity, and high level achievement, which she lives out through her interests in blogging, child care, jewelry design and arts. She is the founder of MUSE (My Unforgettable Summer Experience),  an annual edutainment summer program for young people which has been running for three years and is currently on the Board of Hanker Technovations- an Edtech startup. Grace is the Northern Regional Director for SheNation.

Loveth J. Ejeh

Loveth J. Ejeh (M.D.hons) is a medical graduate from the Washington University of Health and Sciences. She is passionate about women’s health (mental, physical, social etc.) and is pursuing a career in obstetrics and Gynecology. Loveth is an active member of the American College of Gynecology (ACOG). She has grown in her passion and has consequently volunteered with several organizations all over the world benefitting both women and the world at large. She is the pioneer medical volunteer for an organization’s sensitization program for prenatal and postnatal care of women in IDP camps (SDG 3 goal). She was also an active member for the student for health movement in St. Kitts and Nevis, where she administered basic medical checkup to people on the street. She is currently the communication director at SheNationHQ.

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